Treasure Female Mini Double Doodle

Treasure Female Mini Double Doodle

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Treasure - Mini Double Doodle

Looking for the perfect addition to your family?

Meet Treasure Female Mini Double Doodle DOB 08/19/23, the darling Double Doodle who will steal your heart! With a projected weight 15 lbs, Treasure is the ideal size for a loving companion. When you bring Treasure home, you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing she comes with a 2-year guarantee, a microchip for identification, and up-to-date vaccinations. Our breeders are committed to providing lifetime support, ensuring you have all the assistance you need.

One of Treasure's standout qualities is her crate training. This means she's already familiar with crate usage, making the transition from our home to yours a breeze. Say goodbye to any worries about adjusting to a new environment!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to welcome Treasure into your home and create unforgettable memories. This pawsome little darling is ready to be a part of your family. Contact us now and make Treasure your new furry family member!

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