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Get a head start….
After the first 8 weeks of their lives, you may want your doodle to get a headstart with their training.
We provide expert puppy training to give you the perfect package without hassle.


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We will arrange transportation to anywhere in all 50 states.

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Our Health Guarantee

Enjoy your doodles with a 2-year genetic health guarantee
Southeast Doodles only provides puppies in the best possible health, to the best of our ability. While in our care, they are well-fed, well-maintained, and well-groomed to grow into stronger and healthier house pets for years to come.

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Southeast Doodles

Feel your heart melt with darling little puppies by Southeast Doodles

Making families across America happier for years

Southeast Doodles is a family-owned and self-managed premium dog breeding service of Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles based in McDonough, GA. We are passionate dog breeders with the entire family involved in the process. Our children are eager participants in aiding to care for and train each of our litters and are pleasantly satisfied knowing they help bring immense delight to several families across America.

Pamper yourself some pup love

Southeast Doodles practices breeding with a purpose to produce high quality, genetically strong, and well-trained puppies. We pay special attention to our puppies’ superb health, sanguine temperament, and radiant appearance.

Our farm-bred puppies can be found spreading sheer joy and cuddly love among hundreds of families all around the country.

Say hello! to your new best friend

We breed with a purpose and train our puppies to live with a family. Being a big loving family ourselves helps this notion a lot. That’s why all our puppies prove to be amazing companions. Not only they are super friendly with the household, but they are also warm and welcoming towards your visitors. Our doodles are eagerly outgoing and also excel in service, obedience, therapy, herding, and outdoor recreation.

Our premium breed

The Goldendoodles

Our premium-bred Goldendoodle puppies make great family pets because we breed for health and their friendly outgoing personalities. Southeast Doodles are home-raised socializing with adults as well as children. Golden Doodles are the perfect cross between Standard Poodles & Golden Retrievers. They were specifically bred for people with visual impairment and people with allergies.

Poodles are hypoallergenic and their coats never shed, which decreases the dander i.e. shedding skin cells which triggers allergic reactions in people.

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We really care about you and your puppy as much as you do.

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Southeast Doodles can have it arranged for your doodle to arrive by plane.

Customers Love Us!
We picked up Roscoe and was fortunate to meet his brother going to another home at the same time (wish we could have taken them both). We met at a pet store where Rosco just got a nice bath and finally got to meet Sean and Shakira. Wonderful people inside and out. The already had Roscoe crate trained, sit & lay down on command, all before 10 weeks old when we got him. They are very responsive, answering all your questions. He comes with his 1st shots, the first bag of food, puppy sleeping mat and even a micro-chip. Were glad we drove from Tampa to Atlanta to meet Sean and Shakira and Roscoe. Roscoe has changed our lives forever, thank you S.E. Doodles your the greatest..

Mark Leaf

Tampa, FL
So blessed that our family found Sean and Shakira of SouthEast Doodles. Our family had recently suffered the loss of our beloved family dog and were ready to open our hearts to a new puppy. Sean was compassionate and kind. Sean always took my phone calls and answered countless questions about our new puppy. He and his wife were great about updating me with pictures and information. In addition to their amazing love for animals is the care they put into each placement. Upon picking my puppy up in Atlanta, I could tell that he had been well socialized and raised in a home. He was used to being around people and household noises did not phase him in the least. He is smart, healthy and a joyful love to our family. We are forever grateful!

Maggie Hanlon

, CT

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