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Preach The Male Multi Gen Mini Goldendoodle

Preach The Male Multi Gen Mini Goldendoodle

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SKU Preach The Male Multi Gen Mini Goldendoodle
Meet Preach, the perfect addition to your family! This beautiful male Multi Gen Mini Goldendoodle is projected to weigh 25.8 lbs, and she's filled to the brim with love to give. But what exactly does "Multi Gen" mean? Simply put, it means that Preach is the result of breeding two Goldendoodles with multiple generations of Goldendoodles in their lineage. His parents and grandparents are all Goldendoodles, making his a true product of the breed. Preach's sweet and loving nature is sure to win your heart. He's the perfect girl to fit into any family dynamic and will quickly become a beloved member of your household. And if you have any questions about the Multi Gen breeding process or about Preach specifically, please don't hesitate to call or text us at 404-647-4552. Located in Concord, GA, we offer transportation options for those who may not be local. So come meet Syleena and experience the joy that only a Multi Gen Mini Goldendoodle can bring!

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