Our Bernedoodle puppies make great family pets because we breed for health and their friendly outgoing personalities. Our puppies are raised in-home and socialized with adults and children. The Bernedoodle is a crossbreed between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. This hybrid blends the intelligence of the poodle with the loyalty and happy-go-lucky temperament of the Bernese. Since Poodles are hypoallergenic in nature and their coats never shed, Bernedoodles are low- to non-shedding and are a safe bet for most people with allergies. They can differ in appearance. Their coats can be either curly and wavy or straight and come in a variety of colors. The colors of the pups are what make them unique the most. Their fur can either be a tri-color which means the pup has 3 different colors to their fur or they can have 2 different colors. Being that the Bernedoodle is a mixed breed, they tend to have fewer health problems than the parents. Since Bernedoodles crave attention and have high energy levels, they do best in homes where they are not left alone for long periods of time. Mini Bernedoodles can weigh from 25-49lbs with a height of 18-22ins. Standard Bernedoodles can weigh from 70-90lbs with a height of 23-29ins F1- first generation, the pup is 50% Bernese Mountain Dog and 50% Poodle F1B- Cross between a Bernedoodle and Poodle. The pup will be 25% Bernese Mountain Dog 75% Poodle. More likely to not shed.

Because we breed our Bernedoodles from excellent bloodlines they make wonderful family pets. They are bred for health and their friendly out-going personalities. After we receive the deposit customers make puppy selections based on the order in which their deposit is received.

If you are looking for a companion dog the Bernedoodle is your dog, absolutely. The charming, goofy, cheerful personality of the Bernese Mountain Dog combined with the intelligence of the Poodle makes this a standout dog that is sure to amaze all. Bernedoodles are most joyful when they're spending time with their families, and kids and are willing members in playtime and cuddle fests the same.

The breed hasn't been around for long, so it might be hard to precisely make expectations about individual dogs. In some cases, they get more Poodle qualities, and on different occasions, they all the more intently look like the Bernese. All things considered, enthusiasts of Bernedoodles worship their amicability, fun-loving nature, intelligence, and affection. Additionally, allergy sufferers will be gifted by the hypoallergenic nature of these dogs.


No two Bernedoodles will ever look the same or share the same personality. Their coats come in a variety of colors and textures from curly to wavy. If the Poodle parent is a toy, mini, or standard the respective offspring will be around the same. Bernedoodles are genuinely versatile and take the path of least resistance. If you don't have a yard for a Standard Bernedoodle to run, you are much better suited with a smaller sized Bernedoodles as they make better apartment pets. This breed has moderate exercise needs that are normally met with at least one long daily walk.

On the off chance that you need a dog for the entire family, or in case you're a solitary owner searching for an adorable, keen blended breed with great wellbeing that will put a grin all over with their antics, you won't be able to locate a much better choice than the Bernedoodle.



Bernedoodles will, in general, be more beneficial pooches than both of their parents. Inbreeding has left numerous purebred dogs open to hereditarily acquired diseases and conditions, yet cross-breeding lessens that danger. Since the breed hasn't been around for exceptionally long, data about wellbeing worries for Bernedoodles is fairly limited. The cases of cancer in the Bernedoodle appear to be lower than those of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

There are, in any case, a few conditions that Bernedoodles might be inclined to, including hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye issues, and skin issues, for example, sensitivities and problem areas. All breeds might be influenced by any number of wellbeing concerns, yet the Bernedoodle is commonly a solid breed.


Tiny and Miniature Bernedoodles are progressively fit apartment life, while Standard Bernedoodles do better in a decent yard to run around. By and large, this breed doesn't require a lot of individual space, and as long as their moderate requirements for physical and mental stimulus are met, they shouldn't be excessively destructive. They love being around their people, so the less time they burn through alone, the better.

Like Poodles, Bernedoodles are very canny, which implies they can learn poor habits simply as the great ones. It is imperative to stay aware of proper training. Early socialization and introduction to different dogs and people are constantly a smart decision and will help keep them polite when meeting new individuals or pets.

Taking care of

The fitting amount to feed a Bernedoodle relies upon their size, age, and activity level, which implies it is profoundly individualized. Standard Bernedoodles might be unquenchable eaters that will swallow down whatever you put before them, so you'll need to take care to screen their nourishment admission and weight while giving them a lot of physical activity. You ought to approach your veterinarian for dietary proposals that suit your specific dog.

Coat Color And Grooming

Bernedoodle coats can fluctuate and look more Poodle-like or all the more intently take after the Bernese Mountain Dog. For the most part, they have wavy, curly coats that don't shed a lot, which can help make them progressively better for individuals with sensitivities to dander. Some of the time Bernedoodles can have straighter coats, which shed more and are less hypoallergenic. The thickness of their coat assists in comfort in cool temperatures while giving them a decent amount of protection from the warmth of summer months, also.

The shade of Bernedoodle coats has a serious range. Some are pure black, others are black and white, and others are black and brown. Now and again Bernedoodles are tri-colored with patches of black, white, and brown. They may even have other hues, too. The most well-known coat hues and markings for individuals looking for a Bernedoodle will, in general, take after the tri-colored Bernese Mountain Dog.

The curlier the Bernedoodle's jacket is, the harder it is to groom. Since they shed less, they should be brushed all the more frequently to keep their coat from getting tangled. Some Bernedoodle owners brush their pooch's jacket every day and treat it as a bonding experience, which this breed will in general love. Their coat should likewise be cut like every few months, contingent upon how rapidly it grows.

Youngsters And Other Pets

Bernedoodles are brilliant for families with youngsters, however, it is constantly imperative to ensure kids are taught the most proficient method to appropriately treat animals, particularly with Tiny and Miniature Bernedoodles that might be hurt all the more easily. This breed is warm and wants to play, and they totally revere investing time with their families.

Bernedoodles generally do well with different dogs, however, it is critical to start socialization at an early age and stay aware of it to ensure they are agreeable around new animals.

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