Lullaby The Female F1B Mini Aussiedoodle

Lullaby The Female F1B Mini Aussiedoodle

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**Meet Lullaby, The Chocolate Mini Aussiedoodle With A Heart Of Gold!** Introducing Lullaby – a delightful chocolate Mini Aussiedoodle female who's set to steal your heart. Born on May 7, 2023, this bundle of joy is all about cuddles, fun, and play! Why We Love Lullaby: 1. **Friendly Nature:** Lullaby's bubbly and welcoming demeanor ensures she's always up for making new friends. 2. **Size and Stature:** With a projected weight of just 15 to 25 lbs., she's the perfect size for snuggles and playdates alike. 3. **A Born Cuddler:** Her soft fur and affectionate nature mean she's always up for a good cuddle session. The Magic of the Aussiedoodle Breed: If you're unfamiliar with the Aussiedoodle breed, you're in for a treat. This exceptional breed is the offspring of the playful Australian shepherd and the sophisticated Poodle. Here's why the Aussiedoodle is so sought after: - **Loyal & Playful:** With the Australian shepherd's loyalty and the Poodle's playfulness, you get a companion that's both trustworthy and energetic. - **Beauty & Brains:** The Aussiedoodle is not just about the looks. Their intelligence is unparalleled, making them quick learners and wonderful companions. - **Therapy Magic:** Thanks to their deep bond with humans, Aussiedoodles often excel as therapy dogs, bringing comfort to many. - **Family-Friendly:** Always ready for playtime, Aussiedoodles easily find their place within families, bringing joy and laughter. ### Lullaby’s Promise: To ensure that Lullaby brings happiness and health into her new home, she comes with: - A **2-year health guarantee** for peace of mind. - A **microchip** to ensure she's always identifiable. - **Up-to-date vaccinations** to protect her health. - **30-day free pet insurance** to safeguard her well-being. - **Lifetime support** from her dedicated breeders. So, if you've been looking for a pup that's all about love, loyalty, and a little bit of mischief, Lullaby might just be the companion you've been waiting for! Discover the joy of having a Mini Aussiedoodle in your life.

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