Doodle Training

Doodle Training

Get a head start….

After the first 8 weeks of their lives, you may want your doodle to get a headstart with their training. 

We provide expert puppy training to give you the perfect package without hassle.

  • Potty Training Puppies are taught to ring bells hanging on a door to alert you when it's time to take them outside. Usually, it’s 10-15 daily potty breaks.

  • Crate Training We train your puppy on how to manage the transition from being with their littermates and mom to be alone. We do this by using a Snuggle Puppy and a crate to acclimate them throughout the day on how to relax inside of their new home.

  • Basic commands Your doodle will be trained to follow basic commands that include Sit, Stay, Down, Shake, Come, No, etc.

  • Loose Leash Training This teaches your puppy how to walk with you, on a leash without pulling or resisting